Oregon Marijuana License Security Cameras

Oregon Marijuana License Security Cameras

When it comes to getting approval for your recreational Marijuana License in Oregon having the proper Security Cameras and Surveillance System should be your top priority!

Did you know the OLCC requires all licensees maintain 90 days worth of video from all cameras on the premises and they need to be operating 24 hours per day.  That means you will need to have the ability to store 90 days worth of your surveillance video from all of the cameras at your facility to meet the OLCC compliance requirements.

Depending on how many cameras you have this will require quite a bit of storage.  Having the right equipment will make your life much easier when it comes to maintaining your video surveillance system.

Here at Oregon Alarm we have experience working with Cannabis Producer grow sites and Retail Dispensaries in the state of Oregon. We can help you get your Surveillance System set up to meet the OLCC requirements.

One of the most common mistakes is to purchase a video surveillance system without understanding the storage challenges. With Hikvision’s H265+ Compression Technology the amount of hard drive storage needed at your facility is greatly reduced by as much as 80 percent !

Most Cannabis Producer sites and Cannabis Dispensaries will have 20 cameras or more which means you are your are talking about Terabytes of data that need to be stored onsite.

This means that you will want to invest in a Video Surveillance Solution that is robust and scalable.  As a Hikvision authorized dealer , Oregon Alarm can provide those solutions.

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