Security Systems For Marijuana Dispensaries

Security Systems For Marijuana Dispensaries

As a Cannabis Dispensary owner in the state of Oregon , there are certain security requirements that need to be maintained for compliance with the OLCC. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is the governing body over the legal cannabis industry for the state of Oregon.

The OLCC has very specific guidelines that need to be met to maintain an active license.  Every dispensary has it’s own unique facility, some dispensaries include a small retail storefront while others are larger in size and may even include cannabis growing operations.

Marijuana Dispensaries face some of the same security threats as most other businesses such as Loss Prevention and Employee Theft.  However there are additional security issues that need to be addressed that are specific for running a retail cannabis dispensary.

Oregon Alarm has experience working with Cannabis Producer grow sites and Retail Dispensaries in the state of Oregon. Our knowledgeable staff  can help you get your Surveillance System set up to meet the OLCC requirements , so you maintain or qualify for your Marijuana License.

One of the main aspects of your security system will be your video surveillance system. Oregon Alarm is an authorized Hikvision dealer here in Oregon and can provide you with all the necessary equipment needed for a state of the art surveillance system that can be monitored from anywhere using your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

We also provide the other component to a great security system utilizing is trusted by over 5 million people to protect their homes and businesses. As an authorized reseller we can provide you with world class security system technology that can be accessed anywhere in the world… now hows that for peace of mind!

Whether your opening a new dispensary and need help outfitting your security system or you want to update an antiquated system that can no longer handle the load , Oregon Alarm is here to make your life easier.

Give us a call today at 541-267-2175 or Contact Us online and speak with one of our security specialists and let us help you get your cannabis facility ready for business !