High-Speed Internet Services

Exede Satellite Internet is high-speed internet beamed directly to your home from our satellites in space. This means you can get a fast internet connection where you live – almost anywhere in the United States.

How Does It Work?

  1. Let’s say you’re on your laptop or mobile device and you click on your favorite website. Your request goes to your Exede modem, then through a short cable to the dish outside your home.
  2. Your dish beams your request up to our satellite.
  3. Our satellite sends your request down to a gateway station connected to our ground network.
  4. The station relays your request to your favorite website.
  5. The website delivers the information your requested back to the station, which sends it up to our satellite to be beamed directly to you.

The Benefits of Exede Internet

Brett from Oregon Alarm discusses how you can have internet, even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

Exede Internet: Your Installation

This quick video lets you see what’s involved with having Exede high-speed satellite internet installed at your location.

Staying Connected with Exede Internet

Exede customer Chris Mueller discusses how his satellite internet service keeps him in touch with the world from rural Arizona.

Off the Grid in the California Desert

Paul and Wendy Hadley chose to leave the city and live in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park in California. With Exede Internet, they’re able to pursue their livelihoods while living in a place they love.

Managing Clients with Exede Internet

Sue Lion, an artist outside of Boulder, Colo. uses her Exede service to work with clients all around the country.

Working from Home with Exede Internet

In rural Ohio, an Exede customer relies on the service to work from home and to keep his family connected.

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